About the blog

Software development is a rapidly changing field. Technologies and languages need to change or are superseded by superior or more fashionable ones. For a while, it seemed like the old dinosaur C++ lost its former popularity. Traditionally, C++ is associated with high-performance code which comes at the price of cumbersome syntax, lots of brackets, hand-crafted loops, and the need to deal with poisonous, fire-breathing, sulfur-stinking dragons on a daily basis.

We believe that it is time to break with tradition. C++, in particular C++11 can be used to produce clean, maintainable, efficient code, even though most snippets available on the internet suggest otherwise. This blog discusses language features, libraries, utilities and practices which should be known to every C++ programmer, both beginners and veterans.

We hope you enjoy our blog. Perhaps it even inspires you to write cleaner code.